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    PunkSoda.com acquired this statement from Twin Productions’ camp a few moments ago:

    On August 28, 2014 we read an article on Mysa.com confirming the sale of the White Rabbit.

    This was the first time we had heard of the sale.

    Neither the owners or prospective buyers had made any…


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    but why do i say “i know” to my pets when they make noises. im lying to them. i don’t know anything.

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    Deftones | “Passenger”

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    My life

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    No fucking way

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    racism is real - misogyny is real. 

    Just to put background on this shit.. .the top picture is of Ethan Couch. According to wikipedia and various news sources he is “a North Texas teenager, who was sentenced to 10 years probation after being convicted of killing four pedestrians and seriously injuring two others while driving drunk. On June 15, 2013 he crashed a pickup truck into pedestrians. He was 16 at the time. In December 2013 he was sentenced to therapy at a long-term, in-patient facility,[1] after his attorneys successfully argued that the teen suffered from affluenza and needed rehabilitation, and not prison.”

    The yoga, meditation and horse back riding are some of the amenities they have at the facility that is about $450.000 a year. 


    The bottom picture is of Cyntoia Brown. She grew up in a home with an abusive drunk father and a drug addicted prostitute mother. She eventually ran away with a friend and started ‘dating” (getting pimped) by older men. She stayed in deplorable conditions. The night of the killing, she just got her ass beat by her drug addicted boyfriend/pimp , when the victim Johnny Allen , a 43 year old sunday school teacher (side eye) who noticed her pain and talked to her. After hearing Cyntoia’s story, seeing her bruises, knowing she was underage he still tried to fuck her. What lead to the murder was Cyntoia thought he was going to kill her and shot him first..

    She got no second chances after a long shitty life but in jail now at 25 she is working on her college degree ,still hopeful of seeing the outside world and trying to remain as reflective of her negative choices and be positive from her current position. 


    This is shit is disgusting, money, race, and class make a world of difference in the eyes of the law…

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    My Lego Quidditch Aquarium at my Office

    If I ever had an office…

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  14. Be with someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone.

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    This makes me sad

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    Storm Chasing (by Mike Olbinski)


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